III. Training in the Lister-Sink Method© of Well-Coordinated, Injury-Preventive Keyboard Technique


Training in the Lister-Sink Method is offered by Barbara Lister-Sink as well as by certified instructors throughout the United States. Instructors have received both the Professional Certificate in Injury-Preventive Keyboard Technique through Salem College, Winston-Salem, NC. They have also passed the rigorous requirements for training and pedagogy to obtain official Certification in the Lister-Sink Method©.


For more information about the various forms of instruction in injury-preventive technique through the Lister-Sink Method, please contact the Lister-Sink Foundation, Inc.


IV. Other Training Options


While the Lister-Sink Foundation, Inc. supports training in injury-preventive, well-coordinated keyboard technique primarily through the Lister-Sink Method©, it also recognizes and supports the work of other highly qualified instructional methods and approaches to injury-preventive technique. Depending on the applicant’s qualifications, particular location and circumstances, as well as on available funding, the Lister-Sink Foundation, Inc. will consider applications for support of training and rehabilitation with instructors and healthcare professionals deemed qualified by the Foundation Scholarship Review Board.


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