Medical Endorsements


“ I have yet to meet a musician who is as dynamic, knowledgeable, progressive, and eager to learn and understand the area of injury-preventive piano technique as Barbara Lister-Sink. I have no doubt in my mind that she will be historically noted as one of the most important matchmakers for the important and necessary marriage between the medical/scientific and the musical/artistic worlds. Her musical talent is fabulous, her musical experience is vast, her teaching is dynamic and logical, and her understanding of related medicine and science is already profound and increasing daily through a self-propelled learning process. Barbara Lister-Sink has this unbeatable combination of talents, knowledge and experience to finally build a bridge between the worlds of music and science.”


Jaiyoung Ryu, M.D.

Sterling Bunnell Traveling Fellowship

American Society for Surgery of the Hand

Associate Professor and Chief, Section of Hand Surgery

Department of Orthopedics

West Virginia University

 “. . . within the field of the body mechanics, she operates at the genius level, both as a thinker and as a teacher. . . . Barbara’s teaching on artistic matters is as im­pressive as it is on technical matters. She has the experience and skills of a top level performer and a deep knowledge of music. . . . The combination of these two extraordinary talents in a single person is a rare and special event.”


 Enoch Gordis, MD

Rockville, MD

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