Testimonials From Professional Certificate Program Students Past & Present

 Barbara Lister-Sink changed my life, giving me the tools through her Method and Program to fully release my musical voice. -- TIMOTHY DURKOVIC, MM in Piano Performance, University of Southern California; Undergraduate study in Piano Performance, Salem College

Students are …immersed in an intensive mentoring Program that insures total understanding of every aspect of [training] It is a one-of-a-kind program in existence today and is an invaluable and life-changing experience for keyboard players worldwide. -- KANDA HAIGHT, BA in Music; BM Ed, Salem College; music teacher

Barbara Lister-Sink’s teaching offers something so totally innovative and desperately needed in the keyboard world. I am confident that my training with her has prepared me for any challenge, ensuring a joyful life of music-making.  --  KIRK M. RICH, BM in Organ Performance, Oberlin Conservatory ‘11

This Program has opened my eyes to things I never thought possible, both at the piano and away from it. This is a comprehensive and well thought out program that completely enhances the way you experience music making. -- JUSTIN NELSON, BA, Cum Laude, University of Florida; AA, Florida State University; jazz pianist

After retraining with Ms. Lister-Sink, I could not imagine not passing this priceless knowledge on to my own students. Going through the Certificate Program gave me the history, technical knowledge, pedagogical strategies, and confidence to convey this process successfully in my studio to students of all ages and backgrounds. (As a performer, Ms. Lister-Sink's knowledge and insights have enhanced my performance experience and personal satisfaction. As a teacher, I feel privileged to be able to give my students the complete package they deserve in their musical education.)  --  JAMIE GRIGSBY, MM, University of Colorado/Boulder; piano teacher

After incurring an incapacitating performance injury, the Professional Certificate Program at Salem College provided the only option for my recovery and eventual return to the keyboard. The expertise and knowledge of Barbara Lister-Sink helped to establish the perfect place not only to recover from my injury, but also to further my musical understanding and ability. This experience gave me hope and created the possibility for me to continue in life as an organist.  --  BRENT L. NEUENSCHWANDER, BM in Organ Performance, Salem College; also studied at Indiana University, Bloomington

I could not possibly have anticipated how profoundly impressed I would be by this excellent and comprehensive Program. It not only instructs in the understanding and development of a healthy and efficient technique but also promotes informed choices that lead to a healthier lifestyle which in turn supports playing musically and physically well throughout one’s lifetime.  --  BEVERLY HENKEL, MM, Drake University; piano teacher; creator of ABC’s of Piano

The hallmarks of superb teaching—mastery of the material and creativity in conveying it—are embodied in her approach and grounded in her own inspiring playing at the instrument. I believe that the legacy Barbara Lister-Sink is trying to build at Salem College is one that will significantly impact the future direction of piano playing globally.  --  VIRGINIA HOUSER, DMA, University of Oklahoma; Professor of Piano Pedagogy, Kansas State University)


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