Training Options in the Lister-Sink Method of Well-Coordinated, Injury-Preventive Keyboard Technique

The Lister-Sink Foundation, Inc. wishes to help educate the keyboard world (classical, popular, and jazz genres) to both scientifically informed and biomechanically sound principles of injury-preventive musical keyboard technique.

Throughout the world, there are many teachers who may understand and  successfully teach injury-preventive technique. Others may advertise that they do so. However, few piano, organ, or other musical keyboard instructors are actually widely acknowledged in their pedagogical effectiveness in teaching injury-preventive technique. The Lister-Sink Foundation, Inc. supports study only with instructors who have shown consistent evidence of being qualified to teach scientifically informed, biomechanically sound technique.

Therefore, musical keyboardists may apply for funding from the Lister-Sink Foundation, Inc. for training only with teachers that the Foundation Trustees deem highly qualified and appropriately credentialed.

I. Professional Certificate Program in
Injury-Preventive Keyboard Technique

Salem College, Winston-Salem, North Carolina

 II. Intensive Keyboard Technique Training Workshops

III. Training in the Lister-Sink Method© of Well-Coordinated,
Injury-Preventive Keyboard Technique and Other Training Options

A Word on Heathcare and Rehabilitation for Injured Musical Keyboardists

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