Who May Receive Financial Support?

The Lister-Sink Foundation, Inc. gives financial support to qualified advanced students, teachers and performers to

            • retrain their keyboard technique in the principles of injury-preventive, biomechanically

              efficient body use at the instrument

            • study the most effective, pedagogically and scientifically informed pedagogies for

               teaching injury-preventive technique


In addition, the Lister-Sink Foundation, Inc. provides support to help injured pianists and organists

            • receive accurate diagnoses from highly qualified healthcare professionals who are

               informed about the latest research in performing arts medicine.

            • receive the most effective treatment for the injuries

            • receive the most helpful therapy for rehabilitation

            • acquire training that enhances their ability to communicate clearly with the healthcare


            • understand and eliminate injurious habits and retrain healthful habits and technique


It also provides funding to help keyboard musicians receive accurate diagnoses and effective treatment and rehabilitation for those already afflicted with playing-related injuries.

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