Intensive Keyboard Technique Training Workshops


Barbara Lister-Sink, internationally recognized pioneer in injury-preventive, well-coordinated piano technique, offers week-long, intensive technique training programs to immerse keyboardists in the fundamental principles of good coordination of the whole body at the piano. The substance of the workshops, held in January and June, is drawn from her national award-winning and internationally acclaimed video, Freeing the Caged Bird. Instruction must be limited to a small number of pianists due to the hands-on, uniquely individualized pedagogical approach.


Participants may receive credit toward Certification in the Lister-Sink Method of teaching injury-preventive technique if they so choose.


• To develop injury-preventive, well-coordinated technique of the whole  body with the instrument
• To understand the biomechanics of playing through analytical and kinesthetic exploration of basic anatomy
• To develop optimal skeletal alignment and efficient muscle use at the instrument
• To discover & eliminate habitual inefficient body-use patterns
• To learn the Basic Stroke™ — the fundamental sensations and coordinations of sound production  through the Lister-Sink Method
• To explore the application of the Basic Stroke™ to incrementally complex repertoire


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